Startup funding for entrepreneurs, startup companies, and nonprofit organizations.

Donative Services

Project Screening

NCFP vetts a project proposal before committing to invest moneys and services in the project. This is necessary because NCFP has limited resources and can only dedicate itself to providing donative services to a limited number of projects per year. NCFP screens based on:

  1. A determination that the proposed project is viable.
  2. A match between NCFP resources and the project requirements.
  3. The experience and quality of the project management.

Selected Projects

We undertake to support projects that we determine fall within the scope of our resources and the mission of our organization. Projects that NCFP agrees to undertake will be offered the opportunity to receive NCFP support in the form of services and budgetable expenses.

NCFP cannot undertake all projects, but that does not mean that your project will be rejected by other parties. Should we be unable to help you, please feel free to consult with us about obtaining resources from other organizations.

Initial Project Investment

We will invest up to $5000 of our resources in a selected project at no cost to the client organization. This investment will be made pro bono with the intent of ensuring that the project has a viable business model in order to permit follow-on funding activities. Our primary mission is to help projects obtain funding, and we are prepared to invest in viable projects to make them fundable by traditional sources of funding.